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How's Your 80 (%)?

"Momentum solves 80% of your problems"... John Maxwell

I love this quote from John Maxwell for a multitude of reasons (especially as i focused to work my way out of a J.O.B into my space of serving and deliver results to others in their personal health journey)!

But here are few things to think about.... Whether it pertains to your job, finances, health and strength goals, etc

1)Momentum is more important than results.


With momentum, you and constantly creating and completing. You focus on what needs to be done, You focus on what feels right to you, and You flow towards your goals.

When you focus on results, you produce work purely to get results.

This puts you in a state of chasing, anxiousness, You are attaching to a certain outcome. This doesn’t create momentum,,, Momentum will create the results you want.

Results don't create Momentum

2) Micro or Macro Targets 🤔

Many habits and projects become stop-start, what I mean is its exciting to create new goals and think about big plans, but many rarely stick with the process of achieving them. That doesn't build momentum.

MACROS...Big ideas, big thinking, big targets but with no Micro targets that lead to daily and weekly actions. I realized you need to have the ability to zoom in on your deep work and daily habits.

Have you ever wondered why your momentum would drop off after a few weeks of a new habit?

Well,,,with all behavior changes in life or business, old patterns tend to take over as soon as any hurdles or push back happens (your know life... criticism, unexpected bills, platue in weight loss or training, being told NO).

3) Big Bites and the Great Abyss....

Think of the Macro target of a New Years resolution of going to the gym at 5am 5 days a week and it lasts for a few weeks and soon turns to 5 am 1-2x a week and then the warm bed reminds you of it's comforts and you've stopped going all together and the resolution is lost in the GREAT ABYSS.

So a great micro target (smaller bites) would be working with someone 1 on 1 for accountability or starting with 2x a week at the gym and building on it!

Creating a New Project with micro targets of daily weekly actions and goal dates, building the project.

Here are some tips I give my clients to create momentum, mindset and a stronger WHY

*It's not about the speed (time it takes, because you didn't get there over night), it's about keeping the momentum

*It's not about the results, It's about keeping the momentum (accountability from me and themselves of WHY we are working so intently for the life and results they are wanting)

*It's not about getting it right, its about the momentum (showing up and putting in the time, learning to pivot when we reach a hurdle and pressing on)

Helping You Live Amped,


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